My Favorite Sphinx Pushup!

The day after her grueling workout, one of my private clients text me this message:

“Sphinx pushup… I love you;

I love you not; I love you;

Love you not…

Love You!!!!”

It made me LOL! because it is the most common response I get to this exercise – it’s hard yet so very effective.

The sphinx pushup (aka: kneeling plank to triceps extension for you TT folks!) is a fantastic exercise that targets your triceps, chest, shoulders, and core. It requires control and power along with mental fortitude… it’s right up my alley! Plus, you see results really fast.

In a matter of weeks you can increase the number of reps you can perform with perfect form while building stability through the shoulder girdle and tightening your upper arms and abs… it’s a staple exercise in all my training.

Add it into your next workout! Here’s how to have perfect form:

Sphinx Pushup:

  • Begin in forearm plank on forearms and knees with torso lengthened. Align elbows under shoulders and press palms flat into floor.
  • Pull abs up and in. Press into hands to lift elbows off the floor at the same time. Press until arms are straight
  • Slowly lower down to start position without elbows flaring out.

Curious to see how your Sphinx Pushup stacks up?

I got 21 reps in 30 seconds – how many can you get with perfect form?

Don’t forget to post your results on my Facebook page! Let’s cheer each other on as we grow and challenge ourselves every day.