6 Exercises for an AGELESS Upper Body: Video Included!

Sculpted, toned arms and a lean, trim waistline…Is this your vision of an Ageless Upper Body?

If so, I have the perfect workout to help you get (or keep!) that beautiful physique!

Try these moves back to back using only your transition as rest. Complete 8 reps of each exercise then repeat the series up to 4 times allowing form to be your guide. Follow along with me in the video!

BEST. Breakfast. Ever. (recipe inside)


  1. Lateral Stepping Push Up: begin in High Plank Pose with hands and feet set together. Step one arm and leg out to the side and drop into a pushup. Press back to center and repeat for the other side.
  2. Side Plank Reach-Under: Begin in side plank balancing on your hand and feet. Scoop the belly in as you reach top arm under toward heels. Press into the floor to help lift hips as you reach then return to side plank.
  3. DB Bent over Reverse Fly: bend over with flat back, tight abs, and soft knees. Start with dumbbells down in front of knees with palms together and elbows soft. Open arms out and up to shoulder level using back of shoulder and muscles of the upper back. Return to start position controlling weight on the way down.
  4. Sphinx Pushup: begin in forearm plank on forearms and knees. Align elbows under shoulders and press palms flat into floor. Pull abs up and in. Press into hands to lift elbows of the floor. Slowly lower down to start position without elbows flaring out.
  5. DB Bicep Curl into Overhead Press: standing or kneeling with core braced, begin with dumbbells down at sides. Curl up to shoulders then press overhead rotating as you go so that palms face out at the top. Lower back to shoulders rotating palms back in and finish the bicep curl down to thighs.
  6. 1-DB Triceps and Abs Pullover: lay on your back with legs in the air, knees soft and abs tight. Hold a dumbbell or medicine ball over chest. Slowly lower legs and take arms overhead bending at elbows until you feel tension on your abs. Contract the core to drive legs and arms back over chest at start position.


You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym for hours to achieve the physique you desire—commit to short, intense bursts of weight training to sculpt and tone your body in no time!

Written By Missi Holt

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