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Want to Travel the World With Interesting People and Experience Incredible Places and Opportunities?


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Watch this special invitational video to learn more about Craig & Matt’s social club, The Atlas 400

Meet Matt Smith, the co-owner of ETR, as he brings you this special video invitation from Sun Valley Idaho.

Matt wants you to understand why it’s so important to spend time with the right people. Of course, that’s not easy to do, and that’s why Matt is inviting you to join a ‘circle of greatness.’

If you’re an extraordinary person seeking to spend more time with like-minded people that challenge and expand your thinking, then please watch this video.

Matt Smith and Craig Ballantyne are part of a global social club called The Atlas 400. It’s one hundred members live in over fourteen different countries, and consist of entrepreneurs, authors, doctors, executives, technology experts, music executives, and other diverse backgrounds.

The Atlas 400 is dedicated to bringing together like-minded, ambitious people who enjoy adventure and many of the finer things in life.

We meet several times per year, enjoying trips to places like wineries in France, California and New Zealand, Tuscany, Octoberfest and BMW racing in Germany, safaris in Africa, camping in Iceland, or hiking and hunting in Georgia, the Scottish Highlands, and Patagonia.

(“I’ve even seen Craig stay up past midnight and eat chocolate cake on some of these trips!” – Matt Smith)

But the group’s greatest benefits are connection and conversation.

“While the experiences are legendary, it’s really the people that make our group so incredible,” Matt said. “But it can often be tough to find people with whom you can have deep, stimulating conversations that not only educate and entertain, but also challenge your beliefs in the right way.”

“I’ve never left an Atlas event without making a new connection or having a conversation that has made a big impact on my life. That’s what life is all about. It’s about the friendships you create and the adventures you have with these people that will truly make an impact on your life and give you memories that last forever.”

If this sounds interesting to you, we’d love for you to apply for membership in The Atlas 400 Group. Click here to get started.


Craig Ballantyne

PS – Let me tell you about a few instances where Atlas 400 membership has proven itself invaluable…

One of our members had a crippling back injury. He was hiking in Japan and had to be airlifted from the mountains into Tokyo. He called another Atlas member who happens to be a world-renowned back surgeon and was in his surgery room the next week.

Another member was selling his company for nearly $10 million. An Atlas member with experience in mergers and acquisitions offered him advice at dinner one night regarding a way to better structure the deal. Doing so allowed increased the value of the sale by millions of dollars, simply by adjusting the deal’s wording.

And for me personally, spending more time with Matt Smith allowed my dream of owning Early To Rise to happen. If I had not have joined the group in 2010, then I might have missed out on deep conversations and connections with Matt, who ultimately connected me with the previous owner of ETR.

As you can see, our mission is to bring people together, to help them build relationships in pursuit of “the best of life.” Travel does this by getting people out of their daily routines and into a shared adventure, with like-minded people.

The people with whom you share your life, spend your time, and trust influence you in profound ways over time.

It’s easy to open up when you’ve spent the day in a racecar with someone, or zip-lined across Patagonia. It’s different from your typical business conference interaction.

In general, we believe “business first” is the wrong way to go about life. Focus on your relationships and opportunities will inevitably spring from them.

But getting into the room with the right people is the hard part. However, once you’ve made friends with someone and traveled together, it’s natural to be invited to special deals, parties, events, etc.

If this sounds interesting to you, we’d love for you to apply for membership in The Atlas 400 Group. Click here to get started.[/text_block]

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