5 Must-Know Retirement Tips for Entrepreneurs (Plus BONUS Investment Advice)

While being a business owner certainly has its perks, it also comes with its own set of challenges, especially in terms of financial planning. Since you’re in charge of your own income as an entrepreneur, the responsibility of saving for retirement also falls...

3 Ways to Beat High-Performance Anxiety

“I’m having a wicked case of entrepreneurial anxiety and panic attacks,” a workshop client said to me recently. “Business is going well, but I’m having a hard time shutting off and being present with family. But I also feel guilty whenever I’m not working. Please...

The 9 Biggest Personal and Professional Development Tips of 2018

The internet is rife with content—too much, in fact. Sadly, much of it can lead you astray. At the very least, it becomes an entertaining, but unproductive time suck (we're looking at you, Fail Blog). That's why ETR has curated...

The Morning Routine That Produces $1,000,000 Copy

At 4:25PM on a hot Friday in Manhattan, I raced along West 33rd Street. My train was going to leave Grand Central Station in 14 minutes. With or without me. I slowed down so I wouldn’t tackle some café-goers enjoying happy hour. Then I checked my phone and saw Grand...

070 – The Path to Mental and Emotional Health for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are driven. But what drives them? And for that matter,what mental and emotional obstacles do they face that they have no time toaddress? “Shrink for Entrepreneurs” Peter Shallard shares his insights from decadesof practice and consulting on this episode of ETR Radio.

069 – Millionaire Mindset

Here’s separates average people from rich, successful people. It comes down to two words: The Right Money Mindset and Strong Millionaire Habits. If you don’t have these success secrets, then you MUST listen to this show where you’ll get the biggest takeaways from some of my billionaire friends, like Jesse Itzler, as well as other Empire builders like Ed Mylett, Amanda Bucci, and Sharran Srivatsaa, one of my clients and speakers at the Perfect Life Retreat. This is a deep dive into the incredible “unreasonable thinking” that is the foundation of success for most high performers. Forget about the HUSTLE AND GRIND and step up to the next phase of your evolution.

068 – How to be Resilient—Whatever You’re Facing

Too much of what derails our success is our own inability to be resilient in the face of struggle and adversity. Stacey Copas faced this very thing and has spent years teaching others how to practice resilience to keep their lives—and success—moving forward.

067 – From Introverted Jerk to Much Better Man

This is the most embarrassing podcast you’ll ever hear from me. It starts with the Introverted Jerk story and gets worse before it gets better, but eventually reveals my stunning transformation and victory over social anxiety to become an author, speaker, coach, and 7-figure business owner. The bottom line: If I can do it, you can do it. Find out how to change your life.

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