7 Tips To Send Email And Make Money

Every morning I wake up and I sell something.

7 days a week.

It’s not that hard.

Let me show you one email I sent recently that made lots of sales, and then I’ll give you a 7-step system for creating your own emails that make money. It’s a beautiful life!

Our latest project at ETR, prior to releasing the new FIM, was a nutrition program called, “Eat More Burn More”.

Paid advertising tests are promising. We have affiliates salivating at a chance to promote it. Things are coming together on this one.

And it’s easy to use curiosity-based emails to drive traffic to the sales page.

Here’s one that worked really well for me.

Subject: #1 worst food to eat (makes you fat and sick)

Back in 1998 (when I was in college) I first heard the term “Western Diet”. That’s the diet that is killing us and making us fat. Here’s why…

When we eat Western foods full of this ONE ingredient (one that you’ve probably already had a LOT of today), we actually get hungrier, fatter, and tired.

In fact, eating just a tiny amount of this nasty ingredient can increase your risk of heart disease and make you store more belly fat…

But at the link below, nutrition guru Marie Berg reveals EXACTLY how to rid this TOXIC food from your life forever:

=> Eliminate this TOXIC ingredient from your kitchen today!

Believe it or not, many government agencies tell you it’s okay to eat this ingredient, even though it is killing us. The food companies get to LIE about it. We can thank the government lobbyists for another food scam.

Fortunately, thanks to Marie’s article, you can find out how to eat more food and lose fat, as long as you avoid this one food ingredient that is a fat-storing hormone nightmare:

=> See if this fat storing ingredient is in your favorite foods

Please get rid of it immediately for your family’s safety.

Eat healthy and lose fat instead,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Here are some of the foods you’ll find it in…

– pizza and pie crust
– granola bars
– your favorite drinks
– almost ALL breakfast cereals
– anything from a bag or a box
– every cheat food
– fast food milkshakes
– cookies
– donuts (sorry Homer!)
– ALL frappincino style coffees
– and worse, so many of your children’s foods!
So here are the 7 steps for sending emails that make money.

The guidelines to replicating this for your business are:

1) Use a killer curiosity based subject line
2) Match your link text with your subject line (I should have used an exact match, my mistake!)
3) Use the 2nd headline strategy (make the first line of your email curiosity based)
4) Use a curiosity based PS
5) Replicate emails that work (I originally wrote a similar email to promote Nick Pineault’s product…I just changed a few things, and not surprisingly, it worked again!)
6) Study Joel Marion’s emails
7) Study Ryan Deiss’s emails

Go get some clicks and sales,

Craig Ballantyne
“Take full control of, and responsibility for, your conscious mind and every aspect of your life.” – Kekich Credo #30