5 secrets from an Internet Marketing Guru

I found these 5 secrets for success in Jimmy Sweeney’s latest newsletter. He had the inside scoop of learning from Eben Pagan, an info marketing legend who has sold over $80 million of his products online. Enjoy. – Craig


Eben Pagan’s 5 Secrets To Business Success

From Jimmy Sweeney’s personal notes after a conference in Beverly Hills…

1. Work on YOU!

What are your strengths and weaknesses? How is your work ethic? Are you focused and strategic, or all over the map? Do you have specific goals? Are they written? Your business will always be a reflection of YOU. Are YOU any good? Or do YOU need a lot of work? Your business IS YOU.

Let most “opportunities” pass you by! Read that again five times. Focus on one or two good ideas per year. Narrow your focus dramatically!

Most “opportunities” serve as a major distraction to your success and moneymaking potential. Choose the path that is focused, strategic and streamlined. Focus on your Circle of Competence and get productive.

2. Choose a Market.

Choose a market that is passionate, even fanatical, and has proven buyers. Be UNIQUE even if you’re selling something similar to an existing successful product or service. Be the first to do it a certain way with a certain twist. Be original. Be one of a kind even if your product or service is similar to another. Figure out how to be THE original, regardless of the circumstances.

3. Create business names that are IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGET.

Not “catchy” but impossible to forget. Eben created the memorable names of “DoubleYourDating.com” and “David DeAngelo” and they roll off the tongue flawlessly. These two names took Eben over a month to create. It’s very hard to forget either of these. Learn and implement direct marketing strategies, using compelling sales copy.

Don’t be afraid to sell high priced products. Price to make money! But test price to find the sweet spot. Create related, higher priced BACKEND products to build a hugely successful business in any market.

“Move the FREE line.” Don’t be afraid to give a LOT of free content to your market at first. Give more FREEBIES now in order to get PAID in the near future. Build lists.

4. Find the “who” to bring the “how.”

Hire results-driven people, not “Reactives” who only focus on work they are told to do.

SAY NO TO: “Passive-Aggressive-Reactives.”

SAY YES TO: Driver-Results-Orientated people who look to themselves to get a result for the company and don’t wait around for their next instruction.

Bonus: EBEN’S “NEW EMPLOYEE” STRATEGY — When hiring a new employee, have this person report back to you via email every working day for 30 days. Tell them to write an email that details the work they did and results they got. Any problems or challenges they came up against and any questions they have.

The content of these emails is important in gauging the new employee but just as important is whether or not you actually receive an email from this person for 30 days! You can tell a LOT about a person’s work ethic, attention to detail and personality type by using this employee-screening technique. This is a BIG secret here!

5. Your business functions as well as the systems you have in place.

Break down your daily activities and operations and look at your systems or lack of systems. Outsource, delegate, hire, and create specific systems that accomplish all the areas you are not best served to micro manage and/or do yourself.

YOU need to be focused on the moneymaking activities of your business!

Well said.

That’s why you need to Wake Up and Get To It!

Attack your #1 priority,

Craig Ballantyne

Working on your #1 priority right away gives you momentum & a victory that cannot be taken away no matter how chaotic the rest of the day.

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