Check out the hilarious start to this month’s Success Story call. Craig: 

Hey everyone, this is Craig Ballantyne from and Early to Rise. I’m here with a superstar mastermind member of mine and it’s Mike Linares. He has a website called This is a really unique call because you’ve never heard anything like it before. He’s got amazing YouTube videos. He sings songs. He teaches people how to be better nurses and how to pass their tests and he’s got a seven-figure online business that is just going to amaze you. So Mike, welcome to the call.

Mike:    Thanks so much, Craig. I appreciate it, my friend.

Craig:     It’s going to be awesome to hear your story. Now you’re living the life. You’re living the internet lifestyle today. You’re in Utah skiing while your business is making you money. But of course it wasn’t always that way, right?

Mike:    No, not at all. I actually failed at nursing school about a few years ago.

Craig: Whaaatttt???

Yep, here’s the rest of Mike’s story…

Mike: I just wanted to make enough money so I could quit my job, and in the first year online I made over $350K thanks to your guidance.

The biggest part is just starting. Once you start and it does well and you know what you’re doing and if you follow Craig’s advice, the momentum will carry you through to the next phases. If you just keep on going and going and going and following Craig and a lot of his content, that’s where it’s at right there.

First things first is going back to the basics – know your niche. If you don’t know your niche, you’re not going to know what they want and you’re not going to know how to supply what they want and what they need. Second, have the attitude of copying success. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just model what already is working.

Failure is great because it just makes room for success. The more you fail, the more you have a chance of succeeding as long as you learn from it and get better at it.

Craig: Nice work, Mike.

In 2013, his first year online, Mike used my free report to make $350,000. Crazy. The year after he broke the 7-figure mark and he joined our Mastermind. I bet he’ll be doing $10 million plus in less than 3 years. Mike is a machine.

Listen to the full call with Mike and his successful membership site here

That is how you do it,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Here’s another way I’m helping my friends… I am not a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or any type of doctor. I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night (haha). But I have a friend going through some tough times and I had some suggestions for him.

Here’s his daily Mood Improvement Checklist that will help every IntInd reader:

1) Do One Minute of Meditation a day (6 breaths, 4-second inhale, 6-second exhale)
2) Read one page from The Art of Living (Epictetus translated by Sharon LeBelle)
3) Walk outside in the sunshine for 20 minutes
4) Hug and kiss your wife and tell her you love her
5) Write in your ETR gratitude journal
6) Hug and kiss your kids and take a photo of them or with them every day
7) Reach out to a different friend every day. That are many folks that love you and care about you. Stay connected. Find a way to help them, too, and you will find yourself getting stronger.
He immediately replied, “Awesome, thanks!”
The checklist is already working.
PPS – Build others UP.

It will only make you more successful. If you don’t have social support, take charge as the leader. Be confident in your choices. People will respect your decisions, even if it seems at first that they don’t. Eventually, a lot of people will come to you for advice and support. You are the one making the right decision.

Stay strong and push on!