3 Ways To Get Over Your Fear of Selling

I was once like you. This feeling is all too natural for so many of us. I’m not sure why…I guess, in terms of evolution, we don’t like being rejected. If you were like Kevin Harrington, born to sell, then you are ahead of the game. But if you have an anti-sales mindset, don’t worry.

I have a plan for you, because you must get over it. You must shift your mindset.

Here’s why…

1) You know how to help people.
2) You have a solution to someone’s problem. And that problem is the #1 source of stress in that person’s life.
3) If you do NOT sell, then this person will struggle…all because YOU are too scared to tell the world that you have the solution…so speak UP.

No more embarrassment. No more Fear. No more holding back.


Here’s what you need to do.

The 3 Most Important Steps to Take to Beat the Fear of Selling

1) Learn to Sell
2) Sell Your Solution & Get Customers
3) Sell More Solutions to Your Customers

Here are the Process Goals for the 3 Steps

1) Sell – 30-Day deadline

    Figure out who has your customers and how you can get them
Study the copywriting materials I have given you in past articles
Create 30 benefit bullet points
Create 30 headlines
Choose your best headline and write a 500 word lead
Do a Copy Logic on your copy
    Create your product in a weekend

2) Get Customers – Follow the 6-Week to a Low-Priced Launch

    28-Days: Create Copy & Product
Do a 3-day, 5-email internal email blitz to your own email list
Take the stats with affiliates and be willing to pay extra commissions or give bonuses with the mindset of buying your customer list
Create your Internet Moneyball system
Identify your #1 lead generation source

3) Sell More Solutions to Your Customers – Use the 4-Week Follow-up

    List all of your customer’s remaining problems 

Find solutions & sell as an affiliate
Week 1 – Your stuff to new leads, sell new product to customers
Week 2 – Gap Week: Nutrition to workouts, workouts to nutrition
Week 3 – Complimentary competitor promo
Week 4 – Guaranteed best promo
Recruit these vendors as your affiliates


Craig Ballantyne
The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be. <= Fact of Life

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