3 New Rules of Cardio

Hey, I have a quick question for you about cardio. What’s your answer to…

1) The #truth about cardio is that:
a) It stinks.
b) It doesn’t burn fat.
c) It burns muscle.
d) It’s a waste of time.
e) All of the above.

The answer below…but first, serious accusations from two elite personal trainers.

“Cardio doesn’t burn fat,” says John Meadows, one of America’s top bodybuilding and nutrition coaches.

So what does?
“Muscle,” he says.
“Cardio stinks,” agrees top Canadian trainer, Chris Thibideau, “because doing fasted cardio (on an empty stomach) causes muscle loss.”

Muscle loss is the LAST thing you want your workouts to cause.

“The number one priority when attempting to lose fat should be to keep the muscle you have. Losing muscle will make it harder to look good when losing the fat, but it’ll also make it harder to lose fat,” says Thibideau.

And he’s right. I’ll explain in a moment, but first, here’s why cardio stinks (and why the answer to our skill-testing question was “e”.

Cardio is a waste of time. At best, doing lots of cardio will turn you skinny-fat. That means you might lose some weight, but you’ll just end up as a smaller, still-with-belly-fat version of yourself.

Cardio will just leave you frustrated and NOT looking any sexier.

Sorry, that’s the cold, harsh, #truth.

Here’s what you need to know about fixing your workouts…

The 3 NEW Rules of Cardio

Use these to improve your workouts and finally get the results you deserve.

1) Replace Long, Slow, Boring Cardio with Metabolic Training

You will boost your fitness, burn fat, carve-your-curves, keep your muscle, and finally get amazing results when you make the switch and increase your intensity, drop the old-school cardio, and finally do REAL workouts.

And YES, you can even become a better runner by doing less cardio and more metabolic training. In fact, doctors often “accuse” me of being a runner because of my low heart rate and blood pressure. They are shocked when I tell them I do NOT do cardio and when I describe my high-intensity, metabolic resistance training routine to them.

Here is your Metabolic Training fat loss solution

As you’ll discover, NO one with a superhero sexy body uses slow, boring cardio => more proof that cardio doesn’t work for getting in shape fast.

And honestly, what superhero would want the super-power of “being able to do low-intensity exercise for a long, long time”. “Marathon Man” would have to be the lamest superhero ever. LOL.

2) Replace Cardio Machines with Your Bodyweight

I’ve added some of my best bodyweight finisher circuits ever to the new TT Clash of the Titans V workout program. They’ll leave you gasping for air and sweating more than you would if you did cardio-in-a-sauna.

That’s because bodyweight training is more effective than long, slow,  excruciatingly boring cardio machine exercise.

You’ll get these new circuits as a free bonus when you get John Romaniello’s program here this week only.

For example, how awesome is this combo? (And it’s not even 25% of the entire workout!)

4A) Burpee with Pushup – 20 seconds + 10 second rest x 2 rounds
4B) Punisher Squat – 20 seconds + 10 second rest x 2 rounds
– Rest 1 minute before repeating 2 more times.

You’ll get the full “Clash of the Titans V” workout as a bonus when you grab Roman’s program at the link above.

3) Do Short, Burst Workouts Instead of Long Cardio Sessions

Ok, this last rule is bad news if you read a lot of magazine subscriptions or watch 5 hours of television in the “Cardio Theater” at your gym each week…

…but it’s good news if you are busy, you want better results, and you’re plain sick and tired of using cardio machines (and not getting any results).

The 3rd NEW rule of cardio states that you will give up LONG workouts and switch to 30-40 minute Metabolic Training sessions. That’s what Roman and I have for you here in his fat loss workouts and my bonus “Clash of the Titans V” and “Carve-Your-Curves” programs.

Get Clash V and Carve Your Curves as FREE bonuses today when you get Roman’s SuperHero program:

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When you get Roman’s program at the link above, just email Lesa at TurbulenceTrainingHelp@gmail.com and we will send you these bonuses:

1) TT “Carve Your Curves”
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3) And two more bonus Clash of the Titans workouts

And then say good-bye to cardio and being “skinny fat” forever.

Adios cardios,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer