2014 Sovereign Man BlackSmith Camp

Don’t worry. I’m too old for it, too. But…

…you might know someone that could attend.

Even though I’m too old to be in the audience, I’ll be speaking at it.
It’ll be my 5th visit to the annual Blacksmith Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp held in Lithuania each summer.
Why Lithuania? Because. Don’t ask questions.

But seriously…if you are under 25, or if you know an ambitious young person, perhaps your son, daughter, niece or nephew, work colleague, employee, neighborhood rabble rouser, or what-have-you, tell’em about this.

Here’s what it’s about…from my friend, & the host of the event, Simon Black:

“Long-time readers know that I sponsor and host an intensive workshop every summer in Lithuania for aspiring young entrepreneurs and freedom-seekers. Our aim is to provide young people with valuable skills and a strong network of like-minded people from around the world.

“To do this, I bring in some of the most talented and successful entrepreneurs I know. We share our most valuable business lessons learned through years of making mistakes and grinding it out in the world. It’s insider info that they don’t teach in any university or business school.

“Each summer we have attendees representing over 30 countries, such as Poland, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, India, Colombia, Bulgaria, Italy, Canada, the USA, UK, Australia, etc., etc. It’s a chance to build an incredible network with like-minded young people from all over the world.”
Watch an amazing video of the kids sharing camp experiences here

And best of all…

…it is FREE to the 50 students that Simon accepts.

Just apply with your video here.

Even though the world is remarkably messed up and going down the toilet in many respects (Way to go adults! – CB’s sarcasm), Simon and I remain unabashedly optimistic about the future.

That’s why Simon pays your food and lodging at the event – attendees just have to pay to get there. (He also throws great – and free – parties at night.)

If you are a motivated young person, or know someone who fits the description, I’d encourage you to watch the video (I’m in it!) and learn more about what the camp offers. There are also instructions on how to apply.

Get everything here <= high energy CB kicks off this video

Looking forward to meeting another Class of the Future,

Craig Ballantyne