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Hey, it’s Craig, and I want you to read this great tip from my friend Greg. I love how his #1 rule has given him more freedom in life.

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This seems counterintuitive. More rules, really?


Aren’t there enough forces out there working against us?


As entrepreneurs, and online entrepreneurs at that, we face all kinds of rules for our lives and our business.


What’s interesting about rules is that they actually help us to be better. They help us to be more creative.


I learned about the ideas of rules giving us more freedom from this weeks Ambitious Live guest, Craig Ballantyne.


Craig is the editor of Early To Rise and the author of The Perfect Day Formula.


Over the past few years I’ve listened to Craig talk about his rules for living.


Rules for when to go to bed and when to wake up.


Rules for what to eat and what to drink (and what not to eat and drink).


Rules for how he treats other people. 


These rules allow Craig to have even more freedom in his life because these rules eliminate as much friction and opportunity for bad things to happen during the course of a day.


It allows Craig to be more free and creative and focused on his bigger mission. 


This is what led me to the rule of being home everyday from 5:30pm-9pm to be there with my kids and my wife for dinner, playtime and bedtime.


This rule is really freeing. It allows me to shut off and be 100% present with my family without feeling guilty about not answering email or a call or thinking about the next thing I have to accomplish.


This week on Ambitious Live Craig will not only be sharing how to create rules in your own life, but his entire Perfect Day System. 



This is the first time Craig has shared them Live and in a forum like this.


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  • How to focus on health and fitness
  • How you can have a bigger impact in the world
  • And much more


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Greg Rollett


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