Pop Quiz!

Today we’re going to take a break from the big things and spend 15 minutes — don’t tell me you don’t have the time — reviewing some of the fun things that we’ve learned in the past few months.

Part I. Show Off Your New Language Skills. What Do the Following “Words to the Wise” Mean? (Challenge yourself for extra credit by using each one in a sentence.)

1. limpid (Message #319): (a) transparent; (b) deep and dark; (c) flimsy

2. droll (Message #337): (a) sluggish; (b) funny in an odd way; (c) a bad-tempered elf

3. ingenuous (Message #339): (a) clever; (b) stupid; (c) naïve

4. maverick (Message #341): (a) someone who likes to be different; (b) a cowboy; (c) out of control

5. feckless (Message #343): (a) smooth; (b) ineffective; (c) headstrong

6. fortuitous (Message #345): (a) lucky; (b) powerful; (c) happening by chance

7. flout (Message #349): (a) show off; (b) defy; (c) invent

8. enervating (Message #353): (a) energizing; (b) demanding; (c) debilitating

9. pariah (Message #360): (a) elder statesman; (b) social outcast, (c) a seedless Asian fruit

10. quixotic (Message #361): (a) idealistic; (b) mercurial; (c) inquisitive