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Here’s How Women Over 40 Are Unlocking Their Body’s Hidden Ability To Lose Belly Fat and Reverse Aging WHILE They Sleep

Why Everything Your Doctor Has Told You About Dieting And Exercise to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Is Dead WRONG

…And how this misinformation completely sabotages all of your hard work and sacrifices while shutting down your fat burning hormones and causing your weight loss to grind to a halt…

The Truth Is…

  • You NEVER have to suffer through another long boring workout ever again even if you want to strip off stubborn menopause fat in record time
  • You DON'T need an expensive gym membership, fancy machines or ANY equipment to tone up saggy menopause muscle
  • You WON'T destroy your hips, back, or knee joints with insane running, cardio, or infomercial workout routines
  • And you DONT have to starve yourself or suffer through another restrictive diet (or eat another bland frozen diet meal) ever again!


Leading weight loss researchers have discovered…

There's A NEW, Easier, Safer, And MUCH Faster Way That Allows ANY Woman Over 40 to…

Unlock Your Hidden Ability To Lose Weight WHILE You Sleep

You’re about to discover a new sleep and slim secret that top celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie use before bed to fight off aging, look 10 years younger, and lose weight while sleeping…

What's amazing about this new scientifically proven overnight Sleep-and-Slim™ method is that it doesn't matter if:

  • Your metabolism is at a crawl because you’ve done the wrong workouts in the past and you feel that it’s impossible for you to burn belly fat and lose weight
  • You’re a working mom and have little to no time for long workouts that leave you exhausted and slogging through the afternoons and evenings with no energy
  • You have hormonal imbalances, a thyroid condition, or you're going through menopause and you feel like your body is working against you
  • You feel you are out of shape or too overweight to attempt one of those insane ineffective workout programs you see on late-night TV infomercials
  • OR even if you THINK you've tried – and FAILED – with everything in past

Once You Discover How Simple This New Sleep-And-Slim™ Breakthrough Is…

…You’ll Finally Experience The Lasting Weight Loss You Deserve And Enjoy the Flat Belly You’ve Long Desired At ANY Age

You’ll FINALLY see the unwanted fat come off from your stomach, hips, and thighs in the fastest and safest way possible WITHOUT starving yourself or suffering through painful workouts.

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you look at yourself and see that you’re finally free of:

  • unwanted midlife menopause weight
  • saggy menopause muscles
  • the seemingly impossible to lose post-baby belly pooch

Picture waking up and seeing a slim, firm, healthy, and beautiful body that you can feel proud of at any age…

  • You’ll see your thighs suddenly begin to tighten up and start to look trim and thin
  • You’ll see your belly suddenly begin to flatten out and feel firm to the touch
  • You’ll see your butt suddenly shaping up and looking tight and lifted.

You Can Trigger the Magic of Sleep-And-Slim™ In Just Minutes Before You Go To Bed Tonight

Think about that for a second…

When you wake in the morning you’ll already be THAT much closer to seeing the slim, firm, healthy and attractive looking body you desire…

You may think you've tried everything when it comes to losing the stubborn midlife menopause pounds…

However, what I'm revealing today is absolutely unique to women who are struggling with menopause symptoms and I can guarantee that you've NEVER seen anything like this before.

Keep reading below for more details, but first let me tell you about…

The Sleep-And-Slim™ System will not only renew your hope, it will change the way you look at losing weight forever.

  • If you think your days of ever having a slim, firm, and attractive looking midsection are behind you…
  • Then be sure to read every word on this page and I promise that you will be both shocked and pleasantly surprised…
  • You cannot find this new Sleep-And-Slim™ System anywhere else. It has never been made available until NOW on this very page.

The Little Known Menopause Triggers That Reveal EXACTLY What You Must AVOID Before Bedtime If You Want To Get a Slim, Firm, and Younger Looking Body

Menopause Trigger #1

  • If you think you shouldn’t eat or drink anything before bed you are WRONG and you’re missing a HUGE opportunity to heal your metabolism and burn fat WHILE you sleep…
  • But when you eat and drink the WRONG things (or nothing at all) before bed your fat burning fire is BLOCKED so your body pushes the heat to the surface of your skin, triggering hot flashes and night sweats.
  • However, as you’re about to see, when women over 40, like yourself, eat and drink the RIGHT secret ingredients before bed you’ll actually get into a much deeper, rejuvenating rest and burn MORE fat while you sleep so you wake up slimmer in the morning.

The Sleep-And-Slim™ Solution

  • The trick to restoring your metabolism is doing a unique series of movements, such as the ones I’m about to show you, that enhance your body’s natural sleep cycle so you can fight off aging.
  • These movements partner WITH the menopausal changes your body is going through to ‘reset’ your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.
  • Fixing your body’s essential sleep cycle allows you to experience the fastest fat loss results possible – at any age. Best of all, these are simple NO-equipment movements that any woman can do - no matter what your fitness level.

That’s why YOU must eat and drink these Doctor-approved secret ingredients before you go to bed tonight so that you can heal your metabolism and burn MORE fat while you sleep.

Do This Before Bed Tonight To SEE A Flatter Belly As Soon As Tomorrow Morning:

Add apple cider vinegar to your diet. There’s substantial evidence on ACV’s positive impact on blood sugar, which in addition to controlling belly bloat, combats diabetes and heart disease. One of the many benefits of ACV is that it inhibits the enzymes that help digest starches.

In addition to eliminating bloat brought on by starchy, carb-dense foods, undigested starch also has a prebiotic affect, feeding the good bacteria in your gut. You’ll see results immediately, but the benefits are even more significant long term. In Japan, a study found that consuming one to two tablespoons of ACV daily for 12 weeks resulted in lower body weight, BMI, waist circumference, and visceral fat than the group that didn’t consume any vinegar.

Think about that for a second…

All this time you’ve been trying to follow so-called “healthy guidelines” you’ve read about in mainstream magazines, but NONE of those have helped you lose weight or get slim… and the TRUTH is you could have been getting better results just doing this one little-known trick before you go to bed.

You see, scientists recently discovered one simple, but powerful, night time nutrient that any woman over the age of 40 can use to get slim while you sleep.

These doctors discovered that just one little melatonin pill per day helps you lose weight and even helps fight off diabetes and heart disease.

In fact, celebrities like the “ageless” Jennifer Aniston have revealed that it’s part of their age-defying and wrinkle-fighting night time ritual that keeps them looking so good after forty. Melatonin helps you sleep deeper and longer so that your body restores its youthful skin glow and fat-burning metabolism.

This one little trick is just one of Jennifer’s secret night time rituals that allow her to look the same age every year… even though you know she’s getting a year older, just like you.

But that’s NOT all… Below you’ll see how some of her other sleep strategies and age-defying secrets – when done before bed – can also help you lose weight, get slim, and fight off aging.

And the best news is that they take just minutes at night and go to work immediately so that you can repair your metabolism and elevate your fat-burning even while you sleep.

Menopause Trigger #2

Did you know EVERY time you exercise the wrong way…

…you’re BLOCKING your body from entering its deepest, most healing sleep?

Yep, it's true…

You may not feel it during your workout, but boy oh boy does your metabolism feel it that night…

And as a result, your sleep-deprived body is forced to age at a much faster rate…

Think about that…

The MORE you diet and exercise the wrong way:

The Sleep-And-Slim™ Solution

  • The trick is doing specific types of movements, like the unique moves I’m about to show you, that match your body’s natural sleep cycle.
  • When you do this you’re working WITH the menopausal changes your body is going through and ONLY this allows you to ‘reset’ your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle to experience your fastest fat loss results possible.
  • Best of all these are simple NO-equipment movements that any woman can do at any age - no matter your fitness level.
  • The FASTER you see your metabolism die off…
  • The HARDER it becomes for you to lose stubborn fat…
  • The EASIER it is for unwanted menopause fat to pile on to your belly
  • The FASTER your lean muscle weakens into mushy menopause muscle
  • The LESS energy you have and the more exhausted you feel each day

And all of these factors combine to dramatically INCREASE
your risk for much more SERIOUS health issues after age 40 like:

- Type 2 Diabetes
- Heart Disease
- Stroke
- Massive Heart Attack
- Early, Sudden Death
- And many other potential debilitating diseases

Those Menopause Triggers Are The Reason You’re Not Enjoying The Slim, Firm, Attractive Looking Body You Desire Right Now...

  • It’s NOT because you’re not exercising hard enough or long enough
  • It’s NOT because you lack willpower or self control
  • And It’s DEFINITELY NOT because of your age

It’s simply because you’ve been lied to by the mainstream media and the medical industry that would rather see you taking prescription drugs than using your body’s natural healing and fat-burning abilities.

So if you feel like you’re at the age where your days of having a flat and firm belly are behind you – well, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised!

Instead of continuing to be frustrated, you’re about to get the secrets to restoring a youthful metabolism that burns fat day and night. But to do that, you need something NEW…

Something EASY that you can start using TONIGHT to:

Strip Away Stubborn Fat And Reverse Aging While You Sleep...

My new Sleep-And-Slim™ method is something that ANY woman can do at ANY age – No matter what struggles you’re going through right now…

And unlike with traditional diet and exercise methods, Sleep-and-Slim has actually been specifically created to work WITH the biological changes your unique female metabolism goes through after 40.

THIS is exactly why women over 40 are seeing FASTER results in LESS time with the power of the Sleep-and-Slim night time secrets on their side.

In fact:

These Secret Slimming Techniques Take Just A Few Minutes at Night and Starts Working WHILE You Sleep to Give You Flat-Belly Results No Matter How Much You Struggle With Menopause Symptoms

  • Imagine finally seeing the slim, firm, attractive midsection you desire – and at ANY age
  • This is PERFECT for women who’ve struggled to lose belly fat in the past because you’re too busy to keep up with long, complicated programs.
  • Just THINK: you’ll now have a proven step by step system that helps you flatten your belly WHILE you sleep so you don’t worry about finding time during your busy day to actually use it.

Think Of The New Sleep-And-Slim™ Solution As An Overnight Sleep Recovery Mask For Your Body’s Natural Cycles – Allowing You to Wake Up With A Younger, Faster, Fat Torching Metabolism

  • And it can start as soon as tonight… after you use the Sleep-And-Slim™ system your body will begin releasing tiny Micro Exfoliating Molecules that scrub your metabolism clean of “killer cortisol corrosion”
  • Your metabolism will enjoy an instant overnight “face lift” making it healthier, faster, and more youthful than ever before
  • And you’ll start to lose ugly belly weight faster and easier now that your metabolism can function properly again, burning stubborn belly fat while you sleep…

But wait, this system also allows you to…

Smooth Wrinkles, Tighten Saggy Skin, Lift Droopy Muscles, And Even Re-Grow Thicker Hair So You Look and Feel 10 Years Younger in Days

  • Wouldn’t you like your body to automatically smooth wrinkles and return to the glowing skin and healthy, luscious hair of your youth WHILE you sleep?
  • Well now it can! The very first step of this Sleep-And-Slim™ solution floods your body with powerful Age-Defying Makeover Molecules.
  • Imagine how much more energized and youthful you’ll look and feel when your body is working to reverse the signs of aging 24/7… even while you relax on the couch, drive to work, and rest comfortably in your bed

That’s why it’s so important for you to…

Experience your best sleep ever so your body can revitalize itself and wake up younger every morning

  • This powerful new system also helps and heals your brain so you AVOID feeling foggy or forgetful while eliminating the warning signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • You’ll finally experience the deep, refreshing, overnight healing sleep your body and brain have been CRAVING for so long…
  • And you’ll soothe away stress and ease your anxious mind while making your memory sharper and your brain younger.

So What Is This Scientifically Proven Sleep-And-Slim™ Solution That’s Helping Women Over 40 Finally Experience Lasting Weight Loss?

Revealed for the First Time Ever…

Discover The NEW Revolutionary Overnight Sleeptox™

Introducing the NEW Overnight Metabolism Treatment™ known by Hollywood insiders as the secret for women who want to achieve the slimmest, firmest and most youthful and attractive body possible at any age…

It’s the only 3-in-1 system that works WITH the natural changes your body goes through after 40.

This helps you reset your natural fat burning sleep cycles and completely rejuvenate your metabolism from the inside out.

While you’re sleeping your body Repairs, Restores, And Rejuvenates your metabolism from the inside out allowing you to finally strip off stubborn fat and see a slim, firm, and attractive body at any age.

This is not only the easiest way possible for you to strip off stubborn fat and see a slim, firm, and attractive body after 40… It’s the ONLY way.

You see, starting in your mid-30’s, women’s bodies begin to go through various destructive cycles…

These biological cycles control how fast you age on the inside and the outside…

And there are also powerful circadian cycles that control when you sleep and wake

This 3-Step Sleep-And-Slim™ Solution Works For Any Woman At Any Age

  • It DOESN'T matter how old you are
  • It DOESN'T matter how out of shape you feel you are
  • It DOESN'T matter if you only have less than 10 minutes for yourself each day
  • And it definitely DOESN'T matter if it feels like nothing has worked for you in the past

Because with this new amazing Sleep-and-Slim™ breakthrough…

  • You DON'T have to spend hours exercising with long, boring, dangerous routines
  • You DON'T have to take up jogging or go to a gym
  • You DON’T need fancy equipment – or ANY equipment at all
  • And you absolutely DON'T need to starve yourself with a new crazy diet

But when your circadian cycles are out of balance it can destroy your healthy, natural biological cycles resulting in accelerated aging - both inside and out - causing…

  • Your metabolism to slow to a crawl
  • Your skin to lose its natural, youthful glow
  • Spots to appear on your hands and face
  • Bags to form under your eyes and loose skin to show up under your chin
  • Unwanted weight to pile on your belly
  • Deadly inflammation to build up in your blood vessels and around your heart and brain leaving you at risk for early death or dementia

That is EXACTLY what happens when you follow the typical mainstream diet and exercise advice because it completely works against the natural changes your body is going through.

And even if you THINK you’re getting enough sleep right now, the truth is your body is actually being starved of the kind of deep, quality sleep you really need because of the wrong foods you are eating and exercises you are doing.

Fortunately, both scientists and cutting-edge fat loss experts have discovered amazing news… and they agree that ANY Woman can use this new system to reverse the curse of aging - No Matter What Your Fitness Level!

Not only does this special waist slimming method work to burn fat faster than anything you've ever done in the past...It's also FAR more practical for busy women over 40 so you effortlessly stay on track and want to keep using it night after night… without sacrificing time with your family.

And that's why women with even the most severe and frustrating menopause symptoms and stubborn belly fat are finally seeing their absolute best results ever when nothing else would work.

Now here’s the scientific breakthrough secret behind your new found results…

The REAL Sleep-And-Slim™ Magic Happens AFTER You Fall Asleep

After completing each of the 3 phases of Sleep-And-Slim, your metabolism will work synergistically with your natural hormonal changes to burn more fat from your belly, every hour of the day.

This 3-in-1 overnight metabolism treatment triggers a biological response in women over 40 that unlocks your body’s hidden fat burning sleep cycle.

I Call This Your Slim Sleep Cycle…

And it’s the overnight secret that allows ANY woman to Get Slim While She Sleeps.

Once you activate your body's Slim Sleep cycle, you will:

  • Instantly feel your saggy menopause muscles tightening and looking and feeling firm to the touch without lifting a single weight
  • Automatically shift your metabolism from fat storing Menopause Mode to Fat Burning Metabolic Mode in less than 24 hours
  • Finally release the unwanted trapped fat from your belly and thighs that you've been covering up for years with baggy, unattractive clothing

How Did I Discover This Little Known Sleep-And-Slim Secret?

And when I realized that no other fitness expert was talking about the REAL reason women over 40 struggle so much to lose weight it really ticked me off!

It also reminded me of a very sad story that happened over 35 years ago when I was just a little child…

It was on that day that I watched my mom go through the same struggles that you are going through right now…and it broke my little heart to see the tears in her eyes and frustration on her face…

How My Mom’s Hidden Menopause Symptoms Led To The Breakthrough Discovery Of The Amazing Sleep-And-Slim Formula that Restores Youthfulness Overnight

You see, my mom was just like you…

I remember how hard she worked to provide for our family.

She sacrificed everything, including her health. In fact, one of my first memories in life is also one of my saddest, because it involves my mom struggling to lose weight.

One day, when I was just four years old, we were driving home from town in her big old ugly green car. This was back in the day when no one wore seatbelts, and children could ride up front.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

Sitting in the big passenger seat, I looked over and could instantly tell that she was feeling sad and depressed.

"What's wrong mommy?" I asked.

“Oh little Craiggy,” she said with a big sigh, “NOTHING is working. I just can’t lose any of this ugly weight.”

She had just left another frustrating Weight Watchers meeting where the scale wouldn’t budge.

At the time she couldn’t figure out what was wrong…

She thought it was her fault she couldn’t lose the weight…

Of course today we know exactly why the scale wouldn’t budge for my poor mom…

The same genetic condition that frustrated her in 1979 is the same one holding you back today…


It’s crazy to think that a quick car ride in 1979 changed my life and led me to dedicate my life to becoming a world-famous fitness expert so that I could help you almost 40 years later…

But that's exactly what happened.

You see, I truly believe that moms have the power to change the world…

Thanks to my mom…

That’s exactly what I’m doing with my new Sleep-And-Slim™ breakthrough… (Thanks Mom!)

Today, through my articles in Prevention magazine, Women’s Health, and Oxygen magazine, I’ve been fortunate enough to help over 151,000 women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and even into their 70’s enjoy a slimmer, firmer, and healthier body thanks to my new Sleep-and-Slim discovery.

And now, starting TODAY, you can use this exact 3-in-1 overnight metabolism treatment to your advantage to experience lasting weight loss and see the flat and firm belly you desire FASTER than you ever imagined possible.

Introducing Sleep-And-Slim

The Only 3-in-1 Overnight Metabolism Treatment For Women Over 40 That Unlocks Your Body’s Hidden Ability To Lose Weight While You Sleep And See A Flat Belly At Any Age

Sleep-And-Slim™was specifically designed to completely revolutionize the way women over 40 lose weight.

This proven female metabolism treatment consists of a unique 3-In-1 super healing overnight formula that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Each step has been strategically formulated to work with your body’s natural fat burning sleep cycles and completely rejuvenate your metabolism so you effortlessly burn more fat WHILE you sleep every night.

Think Of It Like An Overnight Recovery Mask For Your Metabolism…

While you’re sleeping your body Repairs, Restores, And Rejuvenates Your Metabolism from the Inside Out helping you unlock your natural ability to lose weight WHILE you sleep…

If you're ready to finally see the slim, firm, and attractive body you desire…

Then Sleep-And-Slim™ Isn't Just THE Answer For You…

It's The ONLY Answer For You.

Here’s why…

It Doesn't Matter How Old You Are, How Out Of Shape You Feel Or How Slow Your Current Metabolism Is

ANY Woman Can Use This Overnight Metabolism Treatment To Unlock Her Hidden Ability To Lose Weight WHILE Sleeping And See A Flat Belly At ANY Age

Here's Your New 3-Step Sleep-And-Slim™ Blueprint,
To Finally See The Flat And Firm Belly You Desire

The magic of this 3-in-1 overnight metabolism treatment is all in the very specific and unique 3-step Sleeptox™ system that triggers a rapid and beneficial body change in women over 40.

Sleep-And-Slim Step #1 - Replenish

Both Step 1 and 2 of the Sleep-and-Slim system take just a few minutes before bed and cleanse your body of the “metabolic garbage” piling up inside your body and blocking your metabolism from burning fat.

Here's just a sample of what you'll discover:

  • The deadly ZERO-calorie foods and drinks that cause an all out assault on your metabolism at night and block female fat loss [Don’t get tricked by these so-called “healthy” snacks – they actually STORE fat and cause you to age faster]
  • The overnight cleansing foods your female metabolism CRAVES after dinner [Drink this one tasty beverage 30 minutes before bed tonight and you’ll literally burn belly fat while you sleep]

Sleep-And-Slim Step #2: Rejuvenate

Your second Sleep-and-Slim secret restores your body’s natural weight loss power and unlocks your body’s fat burning sleep cycle to give you fast results unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Here's just a sample of what you'll enjoy:

  • The 60-Second “Stress Soother” that switches OFF fear, dread, and anxiety before bedtime and helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer so that you wake up feeling refreshed and full of youthful energy.
  • How to instantly send more life-giving oxygen to your cells before bed so that you relax and prime your body for a deeper, more cleansing, fat burning sleep.

Sleep-And-Slim™ Step #3: Revive

With this third and final step you’ll completely rejuvenate your metabolism and maximize your total fat burning results for 48 hours non-stop.

The reason why this works so well for women over 40, 50, and 60 is because it has been specifically designed to work with your body’s natural sleep cycles and thus works for ANY woman at ANY age.

It doesn't matter how old you are or how out of shape you might feel...ANY woman can use these simple movements to visibly see a flat and firm belly. In step 3 you’ll…

  • Uncover the EXACT quick-and-simple movements that rapidly increase a woman’s metabolism in the morning and release trapped fat from your belly, hips, thighs and butt.
  • Send your metabolism soaring in the morning as you melt away belly fat 4X faster – and all without slaving away on a boring cardio exercise machine.
  • Automatically AVOID stubborn weight loss plateaus while continuing to strip off unwanted belly fat week after week.
  • Be SHOCKED at how quickly these new “mini” movements can melt the weight off your midsection in only a few minutes per day.

This PROVEN Sleep-and-Slim™ System Works For Any Woman, At Any Age, At Any Fitness Level…EVEN IF…

“You’re Too Busy And Don't Have Time”

• Sleep-and-Slim is perfect for you even if you have no time for exercise or willpower for complicated diets that leave you exhausted by mid-afternoon

“You Feel Too Out Of Shape”

• Sleep-and-Slim is perfect for you if you feel you are too out of shape or overweight to attempt one of those dangerous infomercial workouts you’ve heard about on TV.

“You Think You’re Too Old”

• With the proven Sleep-and-Slim system you’re never too old to experience lasting weight loss and a flatter belly. That’s because it works WITH your body as it ages making it the perfect solution for women over 40, 50, and 60.

“Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack”

• The Sleep-and-Slim formula is specifically designed to balance your body’s natural fat burning sleep systems so it works even if you suffer from bad genetics, hormone imbalances, a thyroid condition, or the worst case of menopause ever and you feel like your body is fighting against you...

You Suffer From Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, or Chronic Sleep Deprivation

• Sleep-and-Slim is perfect for you even if you have insomnia and you already know you’re not getting the kind of deep, healing sleep your body needs.

Or Even If You THINK You’ve Tried Everything!

• But Wait…There’s ONE Warning…

Sleep-And-Slim™ Is NOT For Every Woman

If you're looking for yet another gimmick that promises magical weight loss results without doing anything…

Or if you’re looking for this week’s celebrity fad diet or another insane joint-destroying infomercial workout that sucks the life out of your metabolism…

Then Sleep-And-Slim is NOT for you.

Millions of women over 40 just like you have already tried all those gimmicks in the past and they NEVER work because NONE of them unlocks your body’s natural ability to lose weight while you sleep.

That’s why the Sleep-And-Slim SlimTox System is ONLY for women who are ready to stop praying for "miracles" and to start following a satisfying, step-by-step system that's scientifically proven to deliver quick and enjoyable weight loss for life.

If that sounds like you, and…

  • You're finally at that place in life where you want the real answer to a dramatically faster and healthier fat burning metabolism that delivers permanent weight loss…
  • You desperately desire to see the fat come off around your belly, hips, thighs and butt in the fastest and safest way possible…
  • You're ready to FINALLY get the body you desire WITHOUT starving yourself, giving up your favorite foods, or spending countless hours exercising on machines…

Then Sleep-And-Slim isn't just "the" system for you…It’s The Only System For You!

Now You Can Experience The Kind Of Sleep-And-Slim™ Success That Celebrities Like Jennifer Aniston Pay Thousands of Dollars For in Hollywood Stores…

For Just A Fraction Of The Cost

The Sleep-and-Slim™ System truly is the ONLY 3-in-1 overnight metabolism treatment for women over 40…

But when you think of the countless hours of research and development that went into perfecting Sleep-and-Slim…

You could EASILY spend over $1,000 to get the same benefits…

And you could also spend over $250 just for a single session with me in person like my celebrity and A-list clients do in Toronto…

Now to be honest, that's a small price to pay to finally see a flat and firm belly after 40…

However, because you are visiting this page today during our research-release celebration sale, you won’t need to pay the $97 retail price.

Nope. In fact, you're not even going to pay HALF of that today.

That’s because I’m on a mission to help 10 Million people just like you – and my mom – to overcome their fear and frustration with traditional diet and exercise and finally experience breakthrough results…

PLUS, just like I would want the same for my mom, we’ve made Sleep-and-Slim available with absolutely ZERO risk to you…

You Don’t Have To Decide Today! Lose Weight WHILE You Sleep FIRST and THEN Decide Whether This New Life-Changing System Was Worth It

Look, my mother and I know how frustrating and discouraging it can be when you feel like you’ve tried everything and still nothing works to get rid of your unwanted menopause belly fat.

And I understand that it may be difficult to see yourself achieving the same life changing results that so many other women have already experienced…

That’s why I’m so confident that my breakthrough Sleep-and-Slim system is going to give you absolutely amazing results that I’m going to do more than just promise you your best results ever…

I’ll guarantee them AND let you try this revolutionary 3-in-1 overnight metabolism treatment, on me. Simply take advantage of my "Triple Guarantee” today…

Sleep and Slim Guarantee


Hurry! Sleep-And-Slim is Only Available At This Special Discounted Price During This Limited-Time Research-Release Celebration

Claim Your Copy Of Sleep-And-Slim™ Right Now To Start Slimming Down While You Sleep TONIGHT

$97 $17

YES! You Too Deserve To See A Slim, Firm, And Attractive Body After 35!

And You Owe It To Yourself To Try This TONIGHT Before You Go To Bed

Haven’t you been struggling far too long with not having the slim, firm, and attractive body you desire?

We both know that life is too short to struggle…

And the pain of continuing to do nothing only leads to more despair and frustration…

  • Plus, the unwanted fat around your belly will continue to plague you every single day and keep you from feeling confident in your own body.
  • You’ll continue to look and feel older than you really are, preventing you from truly enjoying everything that you’ve worked so hard your whole life to enjoy.
  • Your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s will rise with each passing year taking weeks, months, and even decades off of your life.

You do NOT deserve any of this! Instead, you deserve to feel amazing when you wake up every morning, to look better when you see your reflection in the mirror, and to have better health than you do right now.

And think about your family and loved ones who all rely on you everyday. There are a lot of people rooting for you at this very second… They love you and need you, and they know you can do it!

Today you finally have the opportunity to take action, change everything, reverse the curse of aging, and claim the youthful, fat burning metabolism you deserve and desire.

When you choose to take action today and follow this simple step-by-step system, everything will change for the better…

Just like it has for the 151,000 women who’ve experienced their best results ever with my system even when doctors told them nothing else would work.

Claim Your Copy Of Sleep-And-Slim™ Right Now To Start Slimming Down While You Sleep TONIGHT

$97 $17


Picture How Amazing You’ll FEEL Tomorrow Morning

The moment you finally rid yourself of that unwanted midlife weight, transform your trouble spots and finally have a beautiful body that makes you proud everyday.

Instead of weight piling on as you age, your newly restored metabolism will burn fat effortlessly all day and night.

You’ll feel your skin tightening up allowing you to visibly SEE your belly getting slimmer and trimmer. And even though it’s only a little bit each day, before you know it you’ve created the unstoppable momentum that will spread like a wildfire across every aspect of your life.

Soon you’ll experience a dramatic increase in your all-day energy, as well as head-turning confidence, and a youthful glowing appearance that will leave everyone talking.

Your relationships will improve, your confidence will return, and most importantly, the way you feel about yourself will change in ways you can’t even imagine.

But the truth is…

  • You DON’T have to suffer through long boring exercise sessions to strip off stubborn menopause fat in record time
  • That’s right…You DON’T have to destroy your knees, back, and joints with running, cardio, and insane workouts
  • You DON’T need an expensive gym membership, fancy machines or even ANY equipment to tone up saggy menopause muscle
  • And you NEVER have to starve yourself or suffer through restrictive diets ever again

All because you’ll finally be experiencing the beautiful and healthy body you deserve and desire – at long last!

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