How Successful Entrepreneurs Set (And Hit) Their Goals: The Perfect Day Kit

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Since 2014, wealthy entrepreneurs have paid me $5,000 a person to get access to my unique goal setting tools. That's because these tools give them clarity, focus, and energy to set - and hit - ambitious goals.

After 1,000+ hours of R&D, you can get access to these SAME tools in the Perfect Day Formula Kit, for $149

The Perfect Day Formula book, hardwires you to work smarter, not harder or longer, and reach the big breakthroughs you’ve been seeking.

These systems helped Ballantyne overcome crippling anxiety attacks in his mid-twenties, and build two 6-figure businesses within less than a decade.

Wealthy entrepreneurs traditionally pay Craig $5,000 a session to get access to his unique goal setting tools made available in the Kit. Now he would like to offer you the opportunity to experience those big breakthroughs that come from learning these life and scheduling changes.

After 1,000+ hours of R&D, you can access your own Perfect Day Formula Kit for $149.

Here's Everything You Get In The Kit

#1: The Mandatory Personal Success Test

Here's a fact no one wants to admit: The No.1 problem that keeps the majority of people from hitting their goals is figuring out where to start.

Apply this patented assessment of your work-life situation to identify what matters most. It sounds painfully obvious, but once you have a clear reading on what you get up for in the morning, you can formulate a direct plan to achieve exactly that.

It’s all about channeling your work and time into the results you deserve.

#2: Your Roadmap for Success

Using this unique guidebook you'll build the step-by-step roadmap to get what you want, whether it's building more wealth, improving your health, or finding the love of your life. This is everyone's favorite tool in the Perfect Day Formula kit because it unlocks the hidden path to faster results.

#3: The New Rules of Goal-Setting

If you've ever struggled to achieve your big goals and dreams, it's simply because you were taught the wrong way to set goals.

In this NEW approach to goal setting, you'll finally discover how to focus on what matters and build the systems that bring you closer to those values and goals. This tool also includes built-in accountability to keep you on track so that you never have a bad day again.

#4: The Inside-Out Transformation Blueprint

Perfect Day Formula readers have used this blueprint to establish supplemental income streams, manage their health & fitness goals, find work-life balance, and overcome stress and anxiety. Using this little-known 5-step success system, you too can reprogram your habits to optimize success toward your goals.

#5: The Daily Perfect Planning Pad

This tool walks you through how to create the perfect To-Do List for your unique morning. You'll also get a crash course in Craig Ballantyne's scheduling hack for tripling your productivity, teaching you how to resist time-management pitfalls.

#6: The Gratitude Journal

According to the New York Times, using this reflection tool is essential to contentment in life. It can promote greater breakthroughs and satisfaction in your career and home life. The best part? Done correctly it only takes 3 minutes every evening.

#7: A Bonus Copy of The Book to Pass Along

Many of you have already read The Perfect Day Formula Book, but we’ve included another free copy in this kit. Sure, you can keep them both, but the purpose is for you to pass along these tools and success strategies to someone else who you feel is driven and motivated, but not reaching their full potential.

Additional FREE Bonuses

Additional FREE Bonus #1: A FREE Copy of the Audio version of The Perfect Day Formula

Research shows that more people than ever are using Audio Books to get their success, wealth, and health insights. That’s why we’re giving you this ultra-convenient access to a FREE copy of the Perfect Day Formula audio book. This highly entertaining program will keep you riveted during your commute, workout, or even while you relax.

I highly recommend listening to it every week so that you’ll continue to have big breakthroughs in your life and be reminded of the secrets to getting more done and having more free time in your life for your family. You’ll want to hear it over and over again because there are so many golden success nuggets buried in the wisdom.

Additional FREE Bonus #2: Instant Digital Access to the Full Digital Collection of The Perfect Day Formula Transformation Tools

…which you can read on your Kindle, iPad, other tablet, phone, or computer. Of course, while a complete The Perfect Day Formula system is going to be delivered directly to your doorstep, I know how keen you are to get started. So we’re giving you instant access to the full digital program so you can get begin immediately.


More praise for The Perfect Day Formula

"A success masterpiece! I’ve been studying Craig’s teachings for years now so I was excited to see that he has taken his hard-earned wisdom and shared it with the world in The Perfect Day Formula.. Craig comes from humble beginnings, but rather than use that as an excuse, he made a decision to learn the correct philosophies, strategies, and action steps to attain both personal and business success. Utilize his The Perfect Day Formula for controlling what YOU can control and to live a life in which you are healthier, wealthier, wiser, and above all, happier than you might ever have expected you could be!"

- Bob Burg,
co-author of The Go-Giver

"Craig was the first person to push me on the importance of creating my Perfect Day — a habit that is the secret behind all of my accomplishments. He is always an inspiration. As a busy mom of two young kids, I strongly believe The Perfect Day Formula. is required if you wish to accomplish something big!"

- Diana Keuilian,
author of The Recipe Hacker

"Craig's system created a powerful, lasting improvement in my productivity. His mastery of critical life skills is one of the many reasons why I invite him to speak at my youth entrepreneurship events each year."

- Simon Black,

"It might feel like a stretch to imagine having a perfect day, but when you learn how to master the ideas Craig shares in his formula and you focus on what really matters, you'll be able to make better decisions, achieve your goals and create the life you want."

- Joe Polish,
Genius Network

"Craig shows you how to design your life, by breaking it down into the smallest unit — controlling and designing each day. Step one: Create the perfect day. Step two: Live it. Step three: Repeat until you're living your perfect life."

- Alwyn Cosgrove,
co-author of The New Rules of Lifting series

"If you're looking to make this year a great year, get Craig’s formula. His life is a demonstration of how he's perfected it. The premise is simple: Design your "perfect day" based on things you control. Live that day over and over again and watch as it leads you to a life well lived. In order to put this secret to work for you, you must accept a truth that you have been taught is not true. That truth is this: Structure = Freedom. We're trained to think that structure is constricting, but when you create your own structure, the effects are quite different. You develop a feeling of freedom. This is something you must experience for yourself to believe. The Perfect Day Formula is based on things YOU control. As some people already know, that is a big secret to true success. Get Craig’s formula and use it if you want to live the good life."

- Jason Leister,

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