How to use for SEO Backlinks

They’re going to kill me for this,” Nicky said.

“Aw c’mon Nicky, don’t talk like that,” I replied in a bit of a panic. I’d never been around Nicky in a such a state, but she was beyond rattled.

“Showing your readers how to get cheap links this way is going to rock a lot of worlds, Craig. I might be going to far with this one, but this information needs to get out there,” she explained while handing me the classified documents.

“Agent A-Mar comes through again. Here, tell the world. Start the revolution.”

And with that Nicky slithered back into the crowd at the Miami airport where she and I rendezvoused on Saturday during a layover on my trip to Nicaragua.

I hurriedly scanned the notes and sent them to my assistant, “M” to transcribe.

What follows is an incredible expose ( I need the accent on the last e please, stoopit Aweber!) of how you can get amazing SEO results for FIVE measly dollars.

From Nicky Parson’s classified files: “The secret to the cheapest SEO is”.

But with so many people on Fiverr offering to get you backlinks, how do you choose the right one?

My favorite gigs to order are the ones where someone will manually build profile links from .EDU and .GOV websites.

It’s PROVEN that getting backlinks from education and government domains can boost rankings. These types of domains are highly trusted by The Big G and generally are more heavily moderated making them tougher to get profile backlinks to your site.

In fact, by simply getting just 10-20 backlinks from .EDU and .GOV websites you can typically see a rise in your search engine rankings.

Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide

Go to and search for “.edu and .gov profile links.”

Right now that exact search yields about 100 results but they are all different.

Some are a mix of high PR (page rank) profile links with some .edu and .gov links.

Pick a job which just focuses on the .EDU and .GOV links because the .EDU and .GOV are usually tough for the average person to get.

But heed this warning:

You’ll notice some people are selling blog comments from .edu and .gov sites and you can get a few hundred backlinks for $5, BUT if you only have $5 to spend go for the 10-20 profile links instead.

There is a good reason for this.  

When you get blog comments done on they are usually using Scrapebox to post to the same exact blog posts over and over.

Your comment will end up being 1 of 100 or more comments, the comments are usually no-follow, and the comments are likely to be deleted quickly.

When there are hundreds of links on one post the links are very watered down and don’t have much value.

The great thing about getting a profile link is that you will be the only link on the page which means it can be boosted even further by doing some social bookmarks or additional link building.

You can get an incredible rankings boost if you take your 10-20 new profile links and build a lot of backlinks to them through automation (details below).

Some of the jobs state that they will ping your links for you to get them indexed but pinging profile links rarely if ever gets them indexed.

If you don’t do anything to get your new backlinks indexed by Google there is a good chance they will only find about 10-15% of them.  

So if you bought 20 links Google will probably only find 2-3 of them which may give you a little boost in rankings but nothing like if you had 20 solid profile links.

You’ll need to take extra steps to get them indexed. Here are some things you can do to increase the indexing of your backlinks.

A) Run them through a service like – this will boost your indexing to about 50%

B) Create an RSS feed of all your links at and then submit the RSS feed to several RSS aggregators

C) Social bookmark your backlinks – either manually or with automation software

D) Build more profile links to your .edu links with automation software

E) Build an entire link pyramid underneath your .edu links with automation software

YES, it is a lot of work, but the benefit of doing all these extra steps is you can make a simple 20 backlinks have the power of over 1000 backlinks.

But there is a HUGE PAYOFF:

I have a list of 50 .edu and .gov links that I have manually done for people and then I build thousands of links underneath those 50 links and this alone typically gets them to page one for their keywords (as long as their post is properly optimized and high quality).

The difficulty with using profile links from sites that are in high demand is that the moderators are constantly shutting down registration when too many people are signing up for the purpose of getting links.

This means the hot list of where to get .edu and .gov links really changes from week to week.

I order .edu and .gov jobs from a couple times a month just to get a fresh list of sites that I then give my VA’s to use.

Once you have a fresh list to use you can do them on your own or have a VA do them.

If you are going to take the time to build backlinks to your backlinks to make them super powerful it’s usually a good idea to wait a week or two to make sure the profile sticks and doesn’t get deleted.

The best way to get a profile to stick is to make it look real.  Put a picture, a bio, some relevant information about your niche that goes along with the link.

This makes the page look more unique to Google making it easier to get indexed, plus it makes it look real to the moderator and less likely to be deleted.

Another WARNING:

There are jobs that will get you thousands of profile links but in most cases these are being done with a tool like Xrumer and they may be using a low quality list of sites that have automatic acceptance.

Most of those will never be crawled and indexed by Google.

So again, if you are going to spend $5 on a gig, make sure you get high quality links and then do whatever means you have access to in order to get them indexed.”


Nicky went through a great deal of trouble to get this information, so make sure to use it properly if you are going to use Fiverr for your website SEO.

Stay safe (and that means you too, Nicky),

Craig Ballantyne

Help others. “Make a difference. Live a life that matters.”
– Frank McKinney

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  • Fiverr is a great site for a lot of things,
    but there are good gigs and bad gigs.
    If you find someone that’s good stick with them just liken any other business transaction.


  • I just actually ordered my first SEO service at Fiverr tonight. It wasn’t a .edu or gov link, but it was a nice press release in a “G News” blog. Hopefully it goes well and it should give my site a little boost.

    You have to sift through some garbage, but you can find some good stuff at Fiverr.

  • very good information!
    I choose the ones with high user rating.
    Went though all ratings too see what was working.

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  • Thanks for the advice. Great column. I will tread lightly in the backlinks arena.

  • Johanna

    FIverr is a nice site but it never worked for me, its a nice site to get a video of a drunk fat guy singing happy birthday to you while impersonating Mickey Mouse lol. I would stick to SEOClerks for SEO stuff, the problem with fiverr is that you can’t find the word quality in 5 bucks seo services.

  • Dave Zegers

    Can you point me to a clear casestudy of any other proof that .edu and .gov give you a extra boost? Cus this has NEVER been proven beyond the reasonable doubt

  • Isabella

    Are they really good for SEO? I mean i read dozens of reviews on web that people had bad experience with fiverr for seo, they are not that good with SEO. I also prefer SEOClerks, they specialize for SEO and thats the positive point. They have thousands of SEO experts available at the very affordable prices, so far great experience with SEOClerks

  • I recently use fiverr service in making seo. Hence, some seller true doing the seo manually, But more of them using software and waste of money.

    • muhammad Yousuf

      Can you give me the profile who are doing SEO manually?

  • There are quite many internet marketeers on fiverr who still offers genuine services like backlink building and seo tips for website. But one thing I must say that go with one that has good rating as well as you should ask his technique for building backlinks first before ordering the gig. I would rather say go for seoclerks instead of fiverr for seo related work.

  • I will never buy backlinks from Fiverr, i use the services to other things.
    You are correct about high quality vs low quality links, i think links are better when you build them yourself or maybe hire somebody to make them or sell them and you do it but i think backlinks have to be relevant links. I prefer to have 100 relevant links instead of 1000 junk links maybe i have to use some hours to get them but when i have them i will keep most of them and they will be relevant.

  • Evonne

    I did buy backlinks form Fiverr now I need to know what to do with the list they sent me

  • Fiverr is greath because have a mix of ‘experts’… only must search a little and you find gigs that made easy a professional seo process.

  • ChoOTa dOWN

    tell me some

    good persons

    names who do
    this job real

  • Frank

    I’ve used Fivver a few times for cartoons and have been really impressed. Even my avatar is a product of an artist from Fivver!

  • I am just getting ready to buy a gig from fiverr and this really helped me to align my goals with my backlinking…thank you very much for the information!

  • Can I hire you?

  • Shafat Al Nomani

    I must also say, bulk profile backlinks without 2nd layer links under them are mostly of no use. They look spammy, get deleted, I dont know if they rather have negative impact. So i avoid bulk profile backlinks of low quality.

  • can i purchase this type of backlinks which provide 20k backlinks within 1 day for an event based site. As it is not my primary or longterm blog any penalization will not be concerned much.

  • I can’t even find myself testing this with a test site. Building backlinks are difficult for a reason. As an SEO professional myself I have seen people both penalized and rewarded for buying links. It is a hug risk but can be very damaging.