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Health Guru, Marie Grace Berg, CTT

Did you know that today, you’ve eaten foods labeled as “healthy” and “low fat” that immediately activated the “hidden fat storage hormone”?

This hormone sends a loud and clear signal to your body to STORE fat instead of burning it off for energy.

And these foods cause your body to CRAVE more of these foods which makes you get fatter and fatter…even if you watch what you eat and use self-discipline.

In fact, there is one type of “health” food that is found in almost everyone’s diet that causes your “hidden fat storage hormone” to kick into overdrive and store almost all the food you eat as fat.

And because you store fat instead of burning it…not only do you put on the weight but you also feel tired, listless and have no energy to live your life.

The danger is clear and getting worse every day because food companies spend more than $33 BILLION dollars a year trying to convince you to eat these foods which make you fat.

The Food Industry Slaps “Healthy” and “Low Fat” Labels on These Foods…
But They Actually Trigger Your “Hidden Fat Storage Hormone”…

It’s true that these foods are “low fat” in the traditional sense. But in a minute, I’m going to explain exactly why this is a bad thing. It’s all because natural fat, which food companies remove from these products, actually helps you lose weight.

But the ingredients that these companies insert into your food activate your “hidden fat storage hormone” and cause you to gain weight. Even when you think you’re making smart choices.

You see, it’s a trade-off. When companies remove the fat, they remove all the flavor. And in an attempt to add the flavor back, they add these ingredients that wreak havoc on your waistline.

You may have suspected this for quite some time.

And you’re right.

I’ll explain exactly why in just a moment.

But unless you discover the truth about foods that burn fat rather than store it I’m sharing with you today, you’ll never really know if you’re eating the RIGHT or WRONG foods for fat loss.

But, keep reading and you’ll learn exactly how you can make a few simple food swaps that will TURN OFF your “hidden fat storage hormone” forever.

You’ll burn the fat you eat for energy instead of storing it on your belly, thighs, back of your arms, and under on your chin.

You’ll also discover exactly which evil fat storage foods you should eliminate from your diet so that you stop gaining weight.

Once you discover the lies that the food companies and government have fed you…you’ll soon be on the easy path to getting the lean and sexy body you want.

This information is controversial but please stick with me for a moment. I’m going to reveal the hard facts, scientific proof, and ugly reality that the current diet authorities don’t want you to know.

Every study I cite and every investigative report I describe shows you how we’ve been fed this enormous lie that MAKES US FAT.

It’s time to put an end to this nonsense.

The Hormone That Keeps America Fat

Despite the fact that obesity has been labeled an “EPIDEMIC” and there are countless government and private efforts to get America thin again…

…obesity rates, diabetes, and heart attacks are rising faster than the medical community can fix them.

But they’re FAILING you.

Two-thirds of society is overweight and one-third is OBESE.

All because they keep telling you LIES about what really makes you fat and what really works when it comes to getting thin.

It all comes down to one single hormone in your body. When you treat it right…it allows your body to burn fat fast. When you treat it wrong…it tells your body to store fat.

We’ve Been Treating This Hormone WRONG for 30 Years…

In 1977, the United States Government paid Senator George McGovern to conduct an important study of diet in America.

Even back then, people realized something was going horribly wrong.

At the time Sen. McGovern was on a low fat diet that was rich in grains and vegetables.
He barely ate any meat.

It was called the Pritikan diet. The doctor that created this diet said it was the key to getting America thin again.

He demonized meat and fat in all kinds.

And he gained a cult following, including Sen. McGovern.

But after people started following this diet…something very bad happened. They started gaining even more weight, they started to get sick, and they started to get real symptoms of depression, according to Dr. Mary Enig.

You see, the human body was made to eat fat.

Especially rich animal fat – that you’ll find in your favorite foods like steak – that gives us countless essential nutrients and keeps us strong, smart and thin.

According to nutrition researcher Weston Price, animal fats provide “building blocks for cell membranes and a variety of hormones.” Also, these fats act as “carriers for important…vitamins A,D,E and K."

But this diet undid hundreds of thousands of years of nutritional common sense and replaced it with Dr. Pritikan’s pet theory.

People started to complain about the results they got on the diet.
But the advocates of the diet took the easy way out…

They said these people simply didn’t exercise enough and didn’t show enough self-control.

They said these hard-working men and women weren’t actually following the diet.

But they were.

And they got fatter and sicker because of it.

In a turn of supreme irony, Dr. Pritikan developed cancer and committed suicide.

But not before Sen. McGovern took his message and did an enormous amount of HARM to the American people.

You see, McGovern’s report, which was written by a young, radical vegetarian on his staff, came out in support of a low fat diet based on whole-grains and vegetables.

Almost immediately, the honest scientific community OPPOSED this radical new report.

The President of the National Academy of Sciences, Phillip Handler described the report using one word:


But it was too late. The media picked up McGovern’s report and the history of obesity and fat loss in America was never the same. McGovern used his political and media connections to spread his report far and wide.

Doctors began prescribing low fat diets to their overweight patients. Nutritionists began preaching a diet rich in whole grains and low in fat.

You see, doctors are certified in the biology and anatomy of drugs, but rarely have additional education about the impact of food on one’s health. Instead of being proactive with health, they simply follow the government provided guidelines on diet.

And the USDA created the food pyramid, which told us that the bulk of our calories should come from GRAIN.

That’s why you’re eating so called “healthy food” and still gaining weight.

None of these politicians and reporters understood one simple fact. I call it the:


Not understanding this paradox will keep you from burning away the belly fat. But don’t worry, I’m about to explain it to you precisely and in a simple to understand way.

You see, all those food recommendations are indeed low fat.
Grains, breads, pasta, and cereal have barely any fat in them.

But they are loaded up with the exact ingredient that activates the “hidden fat storage hormone” in your body.

The “Fat Paradox” is simple. It’s been proven by science but it’s counterintuitive so the media hasn’t reported on it in a widespread way.

The “Fat Paradox” is...

Fat Doesn’t Make You Gain Weight

Something else does instead…

Eating fat doesn’t activate the “hidden fat storage hormone” in your body. Instead, your body recognizes the fat as energy and burns it away as fuel. But when you eat low fat foods, you actually trick your body.

Because we didn’t evolve to eat low fat foods…you’re body doesn’t know what to do with them.

So it activates the “hidden fat storage hormone” and sends a powerful signal to your body to take the bread, pasta and cereal and store it as fat.

It’s hard to believe but let me show you the exact science behind the fat paradox.

The “Hidden Fat Storage Hormone” Is…

The “hidden fat storage hormone” is insulin.
Insulin serves as a traffic cop for fat in your body.

Insulin either tells the fat to “pass go” and be burned as fuel or to “go to jail” and be stored as pesky blubber.

When you eat high fat foods like steak and eggs, your insulin detects this as energy food. So it sends the message to your metabolism to burn this fat as fuel.

But when you eat low fat foods and processed foods, your insulin gets confused. Because your body doesn’t know what to do, insulin floods into your body. Your blood sugar spikes. And your body tells the bread, pasta and cereal to turn into fat.

You see, your body breaks foods down to glucose that is passed through your bloodstream. To make sure the glucose is used as energy, your body produces the exact amount of insulin to burn. These processed foods create spikes in your glucose (blood sugar levels) and not enough insulin is made to make sure the energy is burnt.

Instead, this glucose becomes fat.

That fat sticks to your body and gives you that pudgy appearance that you want to get rid of.

Then, after a few hours, your insulin levels go down and you feel tired, cranky and hungry again.

Your body wants to experience that insulin flood again so you start to CRAVE more food like this. And so what do you do? You eat more low fat food. And that sends your “hidden fat storage hormone” skyward again and you store even more fat on your body instead of using it as fuel.

That’s why nutrition experts and lean, fit people focus on their “hidden fat storage hormone.” They know that if they keep their insulin under control…they’ll stay full AND thin.

In fact, one scientific study from the Journal of the American Medical Association emphasizes how EASY it is to lose weight and keep it off when you control the “hidden fat storage hormone.” They explained that high fat diets keep you from over eating and gaining more weight. You feel full and energetic too. (Reference: A New Concept in the Treatment of Obesity, Journal of the American Medical Association, 10/5/1963.)

Skinny, energetic and healthy people simply focus on controlling their “hidden fat storage hormone.” I’ll show you exactly how to do that today with a few simple food swaps.

But first…

Imagine what your life would be like if…

Your body was lean and downright sexy.
When you walked down the street, you couldn’t help but turn heads in your direction…for all the right reasons!

Your appearance generated instant respect with your coworkers, your friends and your family. Family pictures wouldn’t be an embarrassing exercise in hiding yourself from the camera. And nobody would be talking about your weight behind your back. Instead they’d wonder what your secret was.

You were healthy, fit and had more energy to do all the activities you wanted to do with your spouse and kids.

You were finally able to STOP BEING EMBARRASSED about your body and didn’t have to worry about covering up your chubby parts when you wore a bathing suit or elegant evening attire.

You could have it all…the lean, sexy body that was the envy of everyone you knew WITHOUT eating crazy foods or spending hours and hours at the gym…even without going to the gym at all!

Until You Discover How to Control the “Hidden Fat Storage Hormone” Using Simple and Easy Foods, You’ll NEVER Burn Off Your Pesky Belly Fat…

Once you take control of your “hidden fat storage hormone” using a few simple food swaps, you’ll never have to worry about your weight.

That’s why all the diet pills, potions, powders and plans you’ve tried before haven’t worked. They simply didn’t control your “hidden fat storage hormone” properly.

It doesn’t matter how little you eat or how much you exercise. If your hormones are screaming at your body to store fat, you will gain weight…even if you try to starve yourself or exercise for 2 hours per day.

The good news is that getting the body you want is not as hard as it seems.

The bad news is that you’re falling into the same trap that food companies want you to fall into. Giant corporations spend more than $33 BILLION dollars a year on propaganda, I mean advertising, trying to convince you to eat their “hidden fat” foods.

And it’s working.

More than 70% of the food you eat activates your “hidden fat storage hormone.”

Let me explain exactly why it’s in THEIR best interests for you to eat these bad foods…

How One Greedy Decision Made Millions of People Fat

In the 1970s, Richard Nixon appointed Earl Butz to be the Secretary of Agriculture.

Butz hated small farmers and family farms. Instead he supported large corporate farms and he wanted to industrialize farming in America.

So he created a completely new set of government subsidies that paid farmers to produce huge amounts of low fat and low quality foods like feed corn.

Those subsidies paid farmers to produce food that makes us fat. The corn and grains were used to feed cattle to fatten them up.

Then the food pyramid comes out and tells us to eat the same corn and grains to lose weight.

Isn’t that ironic? Farmers feed cattle low fat grain to FATTEN them up. Then the government tells us to eat the same basic food in order to LOSE WEIGHT and stay healthy.



When the food industry started receiving billions of dollars in government subsidies, they hired an army of lobbyists to ensure that the gravy train never ended.

Those lobbyists became government officials and continued the policy. But this policy had NOTHING to do with our health but EVERYTHING to do with corporate profits.

In fact, Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services said in 2004 that agricultural subsidies are not about health but they’re about supporting big, corporate farmers and processors.

That’s why the food pyramid recommends you eat mostly low fat grains. It’s to make the rich richer and us fatter. But this sordid story gets worse…

The Japanese Discovered How to
Cheaply Create High Fructose Corn Syrup

In the 1970s, as agriculture and government got into bed together, the Japanese discovered how to create High Fructose Corn Syrup very cheaply.

Big Food now had another new product. Which was infinitely more dangerous to our health and waistlines.

You see…

Over the next 30 years, HFCS was added to almost all of our foods, especially the low fat dishes.

Processed food falls apart when you remove the fat. But because of Sen. McGovern, food companies wanted to sell low fat and convenient foods.

So food chemists discovered that they could replace fat with HFCS and still keep the taste and consistency of the food.

Then they could market the food as “low fat” and “healthy.”

You probably realize by now what High Fructose Corn Syrup does to your “hidden fat storage hormone.” It’s like steroids for your fat cells. When you eat or drink anything with HFCS your insulin levels explode.

Your body gets a RED ALERT and starts to rapidly store fat. That’s why even small amounts of HFCS can make you fat…even if you’re dieting.

That’s because HFCS isn’t natural. It doesn’t exist in nature, it can only be manufactured in places that look like this…

Isn’t it great that the so called “low fat” food you eat comes from places that look like an industrial nightmare?

Mother Nature Isn’t Stupid

That’s why low fat diets ruin your ability to actually lose weight and look good. We’ve evolved to eat lots of fat and be lean and healthy. It’s our genetic heritage.

But corporations and government have hidden this from us for more than 30 years so they could get rich at our expense.

There isn’t BIG MONEY in evolutionary friendly food.

But I’m not trying to sell you junk food. I want to show you how to get the body you want. So I’m not beholden to these corporate health monstrosities.

How I Discovered the “Hidden Fat Storage Hormone” that You Can SHUT DOWN in 24 Hours or Less to Get the Lean, Sexy Body You Want…

I’m Marie Grace Berg, founder of The Paleo Edge, researcher & personal trainer.

I've done in-depth research on various health programs and discovered that the key to losing weight was stopping the “Hidden Fat Storage Hormone” from wrecking your body’s metabolism. It really is what is keeping you from feeling healthy happy and hot.

My Method Simply Works…But “Regular” Diets Simply Make You Fatter!

The EAT MORE, BURN MORE system WORKS…and I’m here to tell you I’ve seen it all.

I’ve tried it…I’ve tested it and I keep coming back to what really works. And that is stopping the “hidden fat storage hormone” from wrecking your body.

The Eat More, Burn More System is your simple solution to a big problem. It works FAST. It works EVERY TIME. You just have to be willing to make a few simple changes to your diet. It’s not a free ride, miracle pill or crazy exercise plan. Why? Because none of that works and you know it.

Now there’s good news though. It’s NOT hard. It’s not complicated. And it doesn’t require changing you and your entire family’s life around.

I put this plan together with the busy person in mind. You won’t have to turn into a crazy granola eating vegan or a militant dieter to lose weight.

All you need to do is make the simple changes I recommend to STOP the “hidden fat storage hormone” from ruining your body.

Now this system is not available anywhere else. You might be able to find similar approaches. After all, as you can see, some of these ideas were borrowed from people that lived more than 100 years ago.

If you really wanted to, you could probably track down 70% of what I cover in The Eat More, Burn More System.

You could do that…but why waste your precious time?

I’ve not only created the complete plan FOR you.

I put the meal plans, the recipes, the science and everything else into a simple to read, easy to understand handbook that you can skim AND put into action in ONE hour.

That’s it. It’s short, no fluff and directly to the point.

I refuse to waste your time.

Frankly, it’s up to you. If you want to change your body and your life by stopping the “hidden fat storage hormone” dead in its tracks…then I have your roadmap to do it waiting for you.

All you have to do is try it.

This works for anyone, male or female, no matter how old you are…

Over the past decade I’ve heard a lot of crazy theories and outright lies about what you should eat to lose the most weight and keep it off forever. I even outlined some of those crazy theories here.

But you don’t need any of them.

You can throw away every fad diet or crazy exercise program you’ve ever tried that didn’t work.

All you need is ONE system that works. All you need is MY system…because it works for everyone. Male or Female, young or old, obese or just carrying a few extra pounds.

It’s perfect for busy people who don’t have time to micromanage their eating.

And it’s especially powerful for parents who want to make sure they stay healthy and energetic enough to enjoy their kids’ lives.

If you follow this program…you’ll feel happy, healthy and energetic when you dance at your GRANDCHILDREN’S wedding.

That means you can use this program to lose weight with your husband or wife, or any of your friends without worrying about starving yourself or looking like a crazy person on an insane diet.

In fact, you’ll amaze your friends when you STOP the “hidden fat storage hormone” dead in its tracks and start burning fat off your body with barely any effort.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask you what your secret is. They’ll probably do it while they unknowingly munch on foods that activate the “hidden fat storage hormone.”

What If I Told You EVERYTHING You Know About Losing Weight is WRONG?

What if I told you that almost all the foods you think are healthy will actually sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Let’s go through some specific foods you probably ate today in your efforts to lose weight and look good.

Stick with me. I’m going to show you just a few of the low fat foods that ruin your fat loss.

Whole Wheat Bread

What you think is healthy because of its whole wheat actually spikes your “hidden fat storage hormone” faster than a tablespoon of sugar.

Lean Cuisine Instant Dinner

These “low fat” diet foods are actually loaded up with artificial sweeteners like High Fructose Corn Syrup. They rapidly activate your “hidden fat storage hormone” and cause your body to store nasty fat instead of burning it.

Low Fat Yogurt

To replace the fat in these yogurts, food companies use artificial sweeteners and sugar. They’re really just dessert dressed up as “healthy food.” They also rapidly activate your “hidden fat storage hormone” and cause you to quickly pack on the belly flab.

All of these foods aren’t part of our NATURAL PAST. Or they’ve been changed from their natural form by greedy corporations.

You see, there weren’t any FAT cavemen or cavewomen. Their bodies didn’t suffer from out of control “hidden fat storage hormones” and they immediately burned fat for energy instead of storing it on their body.

And you can have a lean, sexy body just like them. Because within you, there is a slim, sexy version of you that DNA is calling for you to have.

You just need to swap out the “hidden fat storage hormone” foods from your diet to get that body that you want.

When you get this hormone friendly state right by eating the proper foods that I’ll show you…your fat loss is rapid, safe and guaranteed. Because your body can’t help but burn the fat.

When you balance your hormones …by eating the caveman safe foods instead of the industrial foods you’re currently gaining weight from… your body will immediately and rapidly burn fat instead of storing it up.

During my decade of fitness research, I discovered a number of startling facts. The fittest, sexiest, and leanest people today don’t do anything crazy with their diet. They aren’t vegans. They don’t follow fad diet after fad diet. And none spend hours and hours in the gym running like a hamster on a treadmill.

They simply swapped out poisonous modern food for hormone friendly ancient foods.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do too.

See what these happy people have accomplished using a Real-Food diet…

"I love that the program focuses on natural ways of losing weight, like eating clean, whole foods, and incorporating a structured strength training exercises with it.

Besides reaching my goal of 60kg and going 3 dress sizes down, I feel good, I like the way I look in the mirror, I can run up our stairs without feeling short of breath, plus my joint pains are gone!

So I’m really happy with my results brought about by Grace’s program, and I highly recommend it to anyone. My husband and my daughter are actually slowly adapting the Eat More Burn More system already, so I’m really happy for that."

Amy Uson-Galschiot

42 year old Hotel Attendant, Wife & Mother

"Grace knows her stuff. What she teaches about diet, nutrition, exercise and working out are all true. Anyone can benefit Grace’s program, men and women, young and old!

... overall, I’m very happy with my results. I can wear my swimsuit without being self-conscious about it!"

Charlotte Amorsolo-Candelaria

35 year old Registered Nurse, Wife & Mother

"I never thought I’d be able to carve out time to do my workouts and prepare healthy meals, but little did I know, it’s all about planning and prioritizing. I value my health for my family, and if I’m not doing anything to keep that, then I’m denying not only myself but my family as well.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the program, not only because I got the results I was looking for, but also because, it just makes sense to follow a “clean eating lifestyle”. You can never go wrong with that."

Ellen Bolsted

50 year old Operations Manager, Wife & Mother

"I think I was the first one in our group to achieve the weight loss goal we set before we started. My “beer belly” is definitely smaller. I can tell with my jeans. All my jeans now are loose, so I guess I need to buy new ones. My wife also says that my belly is a lot smaller, so I’m happy with that.

I also like Grace’s philosophy on making this a lifestyle change. Grace always makes it seem like we can do this, and that it’s possible. Grace is also big on creating good healthy habits, like, drinking water first thing in the morning, versus soft drinks or coffee."

Michael Candelaria

42 year old Nursing Assistant, Husband & Father

" eldest son said one day, “Mom, you need to lose weight so it wont be hard for you to go biking with me”. This innocent remark of him was painful to hear, let alone accept. But it made me realized I needed to do something.

Literally, in 12 weeks, I lost 10kgs! I look more toned, I feel stronger, I have more energy, and I love what I see in the mirror!

Eating the Eat More Burn More way, not only naturally helps you lose weight/fat, but also helps you get rid of some body illnesses. I believe that my blood sugar normalized as a result of eating healthy, natural foods."

Ruby Bakkemo

41 year old Nursing Assistant & Architect, Mother & Wife

"One of the greatest accomplishment I have with Grace’s program is the fact that I was able to cut processed sweets. This was a big challenge for me, but Grace’s helped me, by cutting one at a time, until I went a day without it. And I have to say, I haven’t had any for almost 2 months now. And I feel so much better. I don’t crave for them. I don’t look for them. And now I know, I definitely can live without them.

I would recommend Grace’s program to anybody, even my mom! Besides the weight and the inches of fat I lost, I feel great and I look a different person, even my husband said so. I have more energy and strength now. What took me 2 hours to walk before, now only takes me 45 minutes. "

Siv Breines

45 year old Office Assistant & Teacher, Mother & Wife

Let me ask you something…

Who Can You Actually TRUST?

Wrong Choice #1: The Government

Unfortunately…you can’t trust the government. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not bad people. They just have the wrong incentives.

You see, for most government employees in the USDA and FDA, the only path to making more money is by taking cushy consulting and lobbying gigs with the food companies.

That means they’re afraid to regulate these companies for fear of losing their chance at a “retirement” gig that pays hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Take for example, former Agricultural Secretary Ann Veneman has bounced between government and the food companies. She had professional ties with Monsanto, Cargill, Nestle, Kraft and other companies she was supposed to regulate.

See, the system creates incentives to line the food companies’ pockets and keep you fat.

Wrong Choice #2: The Food Corporations

The food companies’ job is to make money for themselves. Not to keep you thin.

They constantly create “low fat” and “healthy” foods that actually activate the “hidden fat storage hormone” in your body instead of creating true fat burning foods.

Why? Because it’s far cheaper to use synthetic, manufactured ingredients like high fructose corn syrup instead of natural, healthy ingredients.

Can You Really Afford to Let the “Hidden Fat Storage Hormone” Keep You Overweight and Unhappy?

How much money are you wasting on foods that are actually harming your fat loss?

How much money are you wasting each week on foods that activate your “Hidden Fat Storage Hormone” and keep you fat and unhappy?

How much would you be willing to INVEST to guarantee that every morsel of food you eat helps you accomplish your goals?

Probably a few thousand dollars if you’re smart. Or at least a few hundred bucks to guarantee a lifetime free from disgusting fat and an unattractive appearance. Not to mention a lifetime free from food CRAVINGS and a lifetime full of joyful energy.

But don’t worry. You won’t have to pay ANYWHERE near that price to learn these cutting edge secrets.

Forget about your social status.
Forget about your financial situation.
Everyone can learn how to eat healthy like their ancestors.
Even in this rotten economy.

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The Entire “Hidden Fat Storage Hormone” Suppression System is Laid Out for You in this Simple and Easy to Understand Blueprint:

Here’s just a taste of what’s inside The Eat More, Burn More System that will shut down your “hidden fat storage hormone” and turn your body into a fat burning machine…

I reveal…

How to turn the fat storage hormone to a fat burning hormone by hitting one single target number in your diet each day.

How to DOUBLE the impact by making small changes to the timing of the three key factors to convert your body’s operating system from a slow, fat gaining machine into a high speed, fat burning machine.

How to combat the aging process. Your body works against you as you age…there’s one key hormone to boost to make you feel young again.

How to strike the PERFECT balance of foods in your daily meals. This way you can eat more, to burn more rather than starving yourself.

Which foods to avoid like the plague because they will reactivate the hidden storage fat hormone.

The BEST WAY to work in a cheat day so that your body can burn everything you give it quickly without adding any weight.

Why routine “meal times” will ruin your progress and what to replace it with instead.

How to reveal the muscles that have been hiding under your pesky belly fat by activating a single hormone

One thing that KILLS your metabolism that surrounds you every minute of every day and a simple routine to defeat it

How you can get started today, quickly and easily

Modifications that will accelerate results and allow your body to adjust to the changes to make this system as the one that STICKS

And much more…

This Powerful Fat Burning Program is Definitely NOT for Everyone

I want to be brutally honest with you here.
This is just a friendly warning so you don’t waste your time and money.

In all honesty, The Eat More, Burn More System is NOT some old, re-hashed nutrition program that contains information you’ve seen everywhere else that has failed you before.

Although you’ll start to feel different in 24 hours and you’ll definitely see results in the first 48 hours, it’s not a quick fix program. It’s not a short cut either.

If you’re too LAZY to make a few simple food swaps or you’re looking for an easy way out, this is simply NOT for you.

If you’re willing to plan a bit and make good decisions based on what I tell you, then you will shut down your “hidden fat storage hormone” and lose all the weight you want.

But if you’re lazy and not motivated to change…then this is not right for you. Please exit now.

But if you’re not brainwashed by all the mainstream media and government suggestions about losing weight then you can see REAL RESULTS quickly with this program.

If you have 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 pounds to lose…
this system will work – if you take action and use it.

Please don’t just buy this system, let it gather dust on your shelf and do nothing with it. Don’t waste your time and money like that.

Or you can pick up another one of those fad systems that you’ll soon find to be impossible to stick to and the weight will come back.

You’ll have to make some simple food swaps. You won’t be able to keep eating all the “hidden fat” foods that have currently made you overweight.

Unless you do something about it right now…you’re going to look the same this time next year as you do now.

These Food Swaps are Simple

But that doesn’t mean you can just absorb the information and not do anything with it.

If you use it…you will experience life changing results. You’ll get that lean and sexy body you always wanted. You’ll be the envy of your friends and co-workers. And you’ll have the energy to live your life instead of feeling tired and stressed out all the time.

But don’t be fooled. This is simple but it does take some work. You need to follow the easy, step-by-step plan to get your results.

Why is it Only $27?

That’s simple. I wanted to guarantee that anyone who wants to get rid of their pesky fat could afford this system.

But I’m only keeping this price so low to start with. I expect that my customer support team will soon be overwhelmed and then I’ll have to raise the price.

My team will promptly answer ALL your questions. If too many people pile into this program…they won’t be able to. So I’ll have to raise the price to reduce demand.

Since there is no big publisher behind this book and no nasty hardcover expenses…I can give you instant access to your fat burning plan, right now at this extremely low price.

Remember, this plan is the result of more than a decade of experience in helping people transform their lives. It’s not some crazy information I conjured out of thin air. There are real results behind this and you’ll experience them too.

So for the time being…the price stays low at $27.

But not only that, I don’t want you to risk anything to try out my life changing plan.

Here’s what I mean…

Try it Before You Decide to Keep It

If The Eat More, Burn More System doesn’t live up to these big promises, then just send me a quick email within 60 days and I’ll give you a FULL refund. No questions asked.

Like I said, this program isn’t for everyone and there is no hard feelings if you decide not to keep it. I’ll send your refund and we’ll part ways as friends.

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The Eat More, Burn More Complete Diet System

You’ll immediately shut down your “hidden fat storage hormone” when you make the simple food swaps I describe in this book. Then you’ll kick your fat burning into overdrive by unleashing your body’s natural ability to burn fat and build muscles. And feeding your body properly will never be easier because this guide shows you exactly what you should eat step-by-step. There is no guesswork and it’s all done for you.

The Eat More, Burn More Fast Start Guide

To make using this system ridiculously easy, you’re also going to receive a fast start kit that shows you exactly how you can suppress the “hidden fat storage hormone” with healthy food choices today. Inside you’ll discover exactly what you need to do in the first week to make sure you start seeing amazing results fast. Again, no guesswork, just a proven plan to lose that pesky belly blubber and keep it off FOREVER.

The Fat Burning Grocery Store Guide

Inside this information packed guide, you’ll learn exactly what to buy at the grocery store to maximize my body’s fat loss potential.

You’ll learn exactly where grocery stores hide the “fat storing” foods so you’ll avoid accidently buying them.

No more will you fall on the landmines that the big food companies plant in grocery stores. This will guarantee that your kitchen is filled ONLY with foods that stop the “hidden fat storage hormone” in its tracks.

There will be no guesswork and you’ll never wonder if the foods you buy for my family are actually healthy. You’ll discover the ingredients hidden in so called “healthy” foods that actually make me gain weight. You’ll never make this common mistake again.

If You Act Now, I’ll Add These Two Powerful Fat Burning Bonuses…

Go Local Food Guide

I’ve shown you exactly how food companies and industrial farmers conspire to keep you fat and unhappy. Now I’m going to show you exactly how you stick it to them by getting your food locally. Not only is this a healthier option, I’ll also show you how you can do it without paying crazy prices for healthy food.

Not only will you and your family be able to eat foods that stop the “hidden fat storage hormone” dead in its tracks…these foods TASTE BETTER, have MORE FLAVOR and more nutrients.

Most foods bought at the grocery store are merely zombies that look like the fruit or vegetable we are attempting to buy. In fact, they’ve been modified to assist in the transportation of the food…not to make you healthier.

You’ll ensure a safe and tasty food source for you and your family.

Grow Your Own Fat Burning Foods Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to have a home garden where you can grow safe, healthy food for your family, then this step by step guide will be your bible. I’ll reveal exactly how you can set up a constant source of healthy fruits and vegetables for your family on your own land.

I’ll show you how to grow some of the most popular and easy to grow fruits and vegetables in a matter of minutes. One can even produce harvest every couple weeks to keep fresh vegetables on your table.

You’ll even see that this can be done in apartments, on less than 2 square feet. And it won’t cost you much. You’ll know exactly what goes into the food you feed your kids and you’ll never have to worry if you’re secretly eating foods that make you fat. This done-for-you guide shows you exactly how to set up your own “fat burning foods garden.”

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